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CfAS fosters collaborative research by connecting scholars, building research teams, and by breaking down institutional, disciplinary, and societal barriers.

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See you in New Orleans!

The Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis will be active at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting in New Orleans next week. CfAS Open Meeting—Thursday, April 18, 2024, 10-12PM—We have reserved the


Synthesis from the bottom up?

I seem to be telling grad students a lot lately that we bring ourselves with us everywhere we go, including into our archaeological work.  What I mean by that is

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CfAS works in partnership with the Center for Collaborative Synthesis in Archaeology (CCSA) at the University of Colorado Boulder to achieve a shared mission and vision. Coalition members help CfAS define topics and shape collaborative research initiatives that CCSA administers, leads, and communicates to scientific and public audiences. A memorandum of understanding between the two organizations orients our collective efforts.