Grants we have received to support our work:


2023 National Science Foundation (BCS-2213921, Scott Ortman, PI): HNDS-R: Human Networks, Sustainable Development, and Lived Experience in a Nonindustrial Society (24 months, $450K, with $218K to CCSA)


2022 U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (Scott Ortman, PI): Productivity and scaling of middle-sized work groups (1 year)


2021 Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (CONF-868, Ibrahima Thiaw , co-PI): Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Planning for Change: Initiative for Sustainable Development in Africa (2 years)


2021 Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (CONF-871, Corey Ragsdale and Timpoko Kienon-Kabore, co-PIs): Modelling a Collaborative Archaeological Synthesis of Human Migration for a Long-term, Global Perspective (2 years)


2021 National Science Foundation (BCS-2121925, Jeffery Clark, PI): HNDS-I: From Households to Landscapes: Cyberinfrastructure for Interdisciplinary Research in the Ancient American Southwest (3 years, $950K with $135K to CCSA)


2021 National Science Foundation (BCS-2122123, Timothy A. Kohler, and Amy Bogaard, co-PIs): The Creation and Division of Wealth and the Long-term Consequences of Inequality (2 years)


2018 SRI Foundation (Evan Larson, PI): People, Fire, and Pines in the Border Lakes Region of North America (5 years)


2018 SRI Foundation (Stefani Crabtree, PI): The ArchaeoEcology Project (5 years)