Current Projects

A long-term, global perspective on human migration

Emerging from the 2019 CfAS design workshop, “Understanding human migration from a long-term perspective,” the goal of this working group is to develop a synthetic model of the relationship between

Governance, Well-being, and sustainability

CfAS and the Amerind Museum are sponsoring this effort to develop long term, comparative and synthetic understandings of how political arrangements and processes—or governance, broadly construed—underlie differences in societal well-being


cyberSW is a cyberinfrastructure and collaborative space for exploring and conducting interdisciplinary research with the pre-Hispanic archaeological record of the US Southwest and Northwest Mexico. It is a living database

Initiative for Sustainable Development in Africa

The main objective of the Initiative for Sustainable Development in Africa (ISDAf) is to make development and conservation planning in Africa successful and sustainable at the local level. It brings

Productivity and Scaling of Middle-Sized Work Groups

This project leverages an important outcome of research into complex systems—that pervasive scaling laws capture how the productivity of human networks co-varies with their size and topological structure—to seek mechanisms