Governance, Well-being, and sustainability

CfAS and the Amerind Museum are sponsoring this effort to develop long term, comparative and synthetic understandings of how political arrangements and processes—or governance, broadly construed—underlie differences in societal well-being and sustainability, and how these new insights, from cases where we already know outcomes, might inform contemporary public policy.

One or more projects will be designed by a diverse group of about 12 researchers who have demonstrated experience relevant to this topic and who have and are willing to share data or expertise pertinent to it. Participants are sought from relevant disciplines including, but not limited to archaeology, political science, economic history, anthropology, demography, geography, history, informatics, or socioecological modeling. The outcome of the design workshop will be one or more proposals to be submitted to external funding agencies. Interested persons should consult the request for information document here and submit their materials to ude.odaroloc@taiuq.gem by May 1, 2023.

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