Funding opportunity for collaborative research on religious belief and practice

The Database of Religious History (DRH;, based at the University of British Columbia and funded through a major grant from the John Templeton Foundation, is the largest and most comprehensive database of information on the history of religion yet assembled. Now, there is an opportunity for CfAS associates to contribute to and work with these data. And funding is available!

The DRH is seeking applications from external research groups interested in working with the database to explore hypotheses related to cultural evolutionary dynamics as they relate to religious belief and practice, historical or contemporary. Up to $20,000 (including indirect costs) are available and can be used for additional data gathering, researcher stipends, server time, equipment, and honoraria for expert-generated entries or salaries for RA-generated entries, subject to DRH data quality standards. Desired outputs include at least one journal article and 15-20 new DRH entries.

The DRH also welcomes inquiries from analysts or historians who are interested in becoming part of a collaboration team. Applications are due September 1, 2023, with decisions announced by September 15, 2023. Funds will need to be spent by May 31, 2024.

For further information see the call for applications or contact the DRH Director, Edward Slingerland, at moc.liamg@dnalregnils.drawde. Applications should be submitted to Erin Daniels Jones at ac.cbu@senoj.nire. Check it out and apply!

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