Creation Myths and Soils

CfAS Associate, Jeff Homburg, recently published an interesting paper with Sabine Grunwald and Eric Brevik discussing the linkages between creation myths of select First Nations of North America and soils/earth. The collaboration between archaeologists, agronomists, and philosophers discusses “the relevance of Native American earth spirituality in the context of modern-day culture, its role to serve as inspiration in the contemporary environmental movements, and the religious/spiritual domain in North America.” Published in the volume, Cultural Understandings of Soils, edited by Nikola Patzel, Sabine Grunwald, Eric Brevik and Christian Feller and published by Springer in 2023, the abstract is available here. If you are interested in reading the paper, you can request a copy from Jeff Homburg (moc.liamg@5201grubmohffej).

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