The European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) is the largest professional association of archaeologists in Europe. It is also a CfAS Partner, and many CfAS Associates are members. The Association’s annual meeting will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, August 30 – September 3, and CfAS is sponsoring several events and presentations during the meeting:

  1. CfAS Reception. Friday evening, September 1, 7:00PM, at the Queens College Belfast Student Union Bar. Drinks and finger food will be available. This is an opportunity for current members to socialize and for your interested colleagues to learn more about CfAS and our mission. We will see you there and hope you will bring your friends!
  2. Session 184: MATERIAL WEALTH? NEW APPROACHES TO THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF SOCIAL INEQUALITY AND COMPLEXITY, organized by Dan Lawrence and Scott Ortman. Saturday, September 2, 8:30AM to 4PM. This session seeks to deepen understanding of relationships between inequality, scale, living standards, and institutions. Presenters include many members of CfAS’ GINI Project.

In addition, CfAS Associates will be giving many presentations on their work. Below is a list of presentations submitted by Associates in response to a recent solicitation. We hope many of you will check them out!

  • Ammerman, Rebecca Miller. Interrogating Votive Terracottas: A Case Study from Metapontion. Session 701: Terracotta Figurines as Random or Deliberate Offerings. A Complex Context Revisited, Thursday, 8:30-13:00.
  • Kohler, Tim, and Bogaard, Amy. Explaining Variability in Wealth Inequality: Reflections from the Global Dynamics of Wealth Inequality (GINI) Project. Session 184: Material Wealth? New Approaches to the Archaeology of Social Inequality and Complexity, Saturday, 8:30-16:00.
  • Martens, Vibeke Vandrup, Biehl, Peter, Davies, Mairi. Climate Change and Heritage Roundtable. Session 612, Climate Change and Heritage, CCH roundtable, Thursday, 16:30-18:30.
  • Ortman, Scott. Dynamics of Inequality, Past and Present: Housing in Roman Britain. Session 184: Material Wealth? New Approaches to the Archaeology of Social Inequality and Complexity, Saturday, 8:30-16:00
  • Richards, Julian. WHAT’S IN A NAME? CONTROLLED VOCABULARIES FOR EUROPEAN RESEARCH IN THE ARIADNE RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE. Session 320: A Controlled Vocabulary for Archaeology: A Necessary Requirement for the Development of a Sustainable Research Practice into the 21st Century, Friday, 8:30-16:00.
  • Richards, Julian. Roundtable contribution. Session 712: What to Do with Your Code? Tools and Best Practices for the Long-term Sustainability of Code Outputs in Archaeology, Friday, 16:30-18:30.
  • Riede, Felix, Yaworsky, Peter M., Andreasen, Kathrine L.D. Human impacts of the 8.2ka event on Mesolithic foragers in western Denmark. Session 530: Eurasia before and after the 8.2 ka BP Event – A Significant Horizon of Cultural Change? Friday, 14:00-16:00.
  • Vargha, Maria. Empowering the Voiceless – Reflecting on Weaving Big Data. Session 361, Weaving Big Data for the Digital Middle Ages, Friday, 8.30-13.00.
  • Vernon, Kenneth Blake, McCool, Weston, Yaworsky, Peter, Medina, Ishmael, Spangler, Jerry, Brewer, Simon, Codding, Brian. Maize at the margins: Exploring core-periphery interactions and the spread of the Fremont. Session 297: On the Margins: Understanding the Centre-Periphery Interaction during the Transition to Farming, Thursday, 16:30-18:30.

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