CfAS Board Approves a Strategic Plan

The CfAS Board of Directors approved the Coalition’s first strategic plan at its March 2023 meeting.  Adoption of the plan is the culmination of a process that began last November with an in-person board meeting at the University of Colorado, Boulder and progressed through several drafts, based on comments and revisions suggested by Partners, Associates, and the Board.

As you would expect, the strategic plan lays out a number of specific actions and goals to be achieved over the next five years.  Those specific objectives are preceded by a 5-page section that provides background on CfAS and a discussion how, in general terms, the Coalition conceives of synthesis, the sorts of synthesis projects it does and does not intend to pursue, and how those projects are conducted. The strategic plan is intended to focus the efforts of our young (5-year-old) organization, not to overly constrain it.

Those interested in learning more about CfAS or getting involved in CfAS activities will find this to be interesting and useful reading.

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