CfAS Associate Marcy Rockman featured on All Things Considered

Marcy Rockman, former Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator for Cultural Resources for the National Park Service and a CfAS Associate, was interviewed as part of a series on cultural heritage and climate change on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. You can listen to and read the associated article at this link.

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1 thought on “CfAS Associate Marcy Rockman featured on All Things Considered”

  1. My thanks to Jeff for sharing this. Quickly putting here links to the full 4-part NPR series. It turned out that I’m in 3 of them (exception being the segment on Indigenous knowledge):

    Sept. 12 – on climate and cultural heritage generally, with case study of Venice

    Sept. 13 – on built heritage and community, with case study of San Francisco waterfront

    Sept. 19 – on Indigenous knowledge and fire management in California

    Sept. 20 – on whether or not to rebuild historic buildings lost to climate impacts, with example of Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica Mountains

    The NPR reporter who led this series, Chloe Veltman, told me the idea and push for it came from high levels in NPR, so it’s great to know there’s that kind of interest out there. And she will continue to be looking for more stories to tell.


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