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Investigating inequality @ SAA 2023

The Coalition was busy at last week’s Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Thursday morning, we held a meeting for current and potential affiliates to learn more

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What is “Indigenous”?

In a recent article in the New Yorker, Manvir Singh traces the origin and evolution of the concept of Indigenous from its colonial roots to its present use to cover

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Update on People, Fire, and Pines

The polished surface of SAG45f, a fire-scar sample from Voyageur’s Island in Lake Saganaga. The innermost ring of the sample dates to 1679 and the outer ring to 1989, when the tree was windthrown. Fire scars recorded in the rings of the tree indicate the passing of 10 low-severity fires between 1702 and 1850, after which not another fire was recorded at the site.

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