Paul Belford

Research areas and topics

Research Focus:

Contemporary archaeology and future generations

Interest in Synthesis

I am passionate about using the past in the present to create social and environmental benefits for the future. I believe that individual and collective well-being is enhanced by the widest possible engagement with heritage.

However I worry that archaeology is not fulfiling its potential to engage with contemporary society. There are too many divisions within archaeology and cultural heritage, and between our sector and others who are exploring similar themes in human history. Therefore I would like to explore any avenues of research, collaboration and action which can help overcome these barriers.

Collaboration Interests

I am keen to collaborate on a range of projects and initiatives which seek to enhance the impact that archaeology and cultural heritage can have on contemporary society and future generations.

My archaeological research interests focus on urbanisation, industrialisation and landscape change at times of transition. I am particularly interested in borders and borderland landscapes, the urban experience, industrialisation and its relationship to imperialism and colonialism, public engagement and community heritage, and open access to data.

I am particularly interested in developing ethical and innovative approaches to archaeology and cultural heritage practice.