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How the Coalition Works

CfAS Board of Directors
A Board of Directors oversees the work of CfAS. Coalition Partners propose individuals to serve on the Board of Directors, and vote on proposed candidates to the Board. The CfAS Board of Directors:
·       Creates calls for proposals for research grants
·       Establishes review criteria for proposals
·       Selects the Review Committee for proposals
·       Makes final decisions on the funded proposals based on Review Committee recommendations
·       Oversees the activities of the NCAS
·       Aids in fund raising for CfAS programs and operations
·       Establishes a nominating committee for Board membership

Review Committee
The CfAS Review Committee reviews grant proposals, and:
·       Makes recommendations for funding
·       May make recommendations for changes to working group composition
The Review Committee is made up of 4 to 6 members, with staggered 2-year terms.

National Center for Archaeological Synthesis (NCAS)
The National Center for Archaeological Synthesis (NCAS) coordinates the efforts of CfAS. The NCAS:
·       Coordinates the dissemination of the call for grant proposals
·       Coordinates the review and award of grants
·       Administers working group funding
·       Coordinates logistics of working group meetings with Partners and working group leaders
·       Coordinates computational and cyberinfrastructure support of the working groups with Partners
·       Provides support to enhance the effectiveness of working group meetings
·       Leads fund-raising efforts for CfAS programs
·       Leads public relations, both professional and public, associated with working group products
·       Leads the promotion of the public policy outcomes of the working groups

 Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis Organizational Structure

Note: The SRI Foundation, in the interim, will fulfill the functions of the National Center for Archaeological Synthesis, and will serve as the organizational umbrella for the Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis.
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